First Trim blood test and check up

I am currently 9 weeks, 2nd child. Previously took the Oscar test but this time round the gynaecologist suggested another option which is “NICE” (NIPT). Anyone did that and any suggestions? Oscar test is definitely cheaper option but lesser comprehensive results than this option which the doctor mention

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my gynae suggested nipt for me at kkh. but i was sent to a counsellor and have her explained the pros and cons between oscar and nipt. as below for ur ref. 1. costs. oscar is half the price of nipt 2. accuracy. oscar is 90% accuracy while nipt is 99% accuracy 3. results. oscar will have results outcome. nipt potentially no outcome due to insufficiency of dna. kkh offers u to do a free retake but if still no results, no refund. and by then, u will be too late for oscar. 4. early detection for structural defect. oscar gives u a detailed scan of key organs. nipt doesn't. while u have a detailed scan at week 20, there are some early defects that u can detect thru oscar i took both. im expecting twins and above 35.. first pregnancy too. the counsellor advices a more conservative approach given my associated higher risks

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