Point redemption

I claim for the platinum Huggies using my points but been 2 weeks, not send over, I tried to send in feedback but no one revert. How?

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it will come soon.

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Will personally check on it ;)

Mine took few weeks to receive!!

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It will come soon .. bit late but come for sure

it usually take quite long to receive! so be patient can alrd hehe

will come,but take longer time for them to deliver to u. mine took about 1 mth.

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My other items took a few weeks to arrive too hahaha, but free things gotta wait 🤣

it will come soon. btw you can also send email to check it - [email protected]

I email to [email protected] I just received the diaper today. Requested on 15 Apr got it today

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Thanks for your kind comments and patience, Angela and Candy. Glad to hear you have received your rewards!