Supertitious of IVF

Hello. can i check if there is any superstitious of IVF. like for example, pregnant cannot share with people first 4 mth right. But during IVF embryo trsf or IVF progress, are we able to share with family and friends about the progress or show them the embryo transfer scan photo?

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I don't know of any superstition that actually came true - the 4 months of keeping mum is likely due to the higher chance of miscarriage, so people wait till the pregnancy is more stable now before circulating. I think beating the 60% odds for IVF implantation is cause for celebration. I waited until after my Oscar to announce to wider group of friends though, as I intend to abort if there's any defects and it'll be awkward to inform that to religious/pro-lifer friends.

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It is really up to you, when you feel ok to disclose and who you want to share the news with. Hope you have a smooth pregnancy jouney!


I shared every stage with my close one and my 2 babies are healthy 😉

9mo ago

thanks for assuring! 🥰