Monthly checkup

Can i check if monthly check up with gynae at nuh, will i able to see baby thru the monitor for every checkup?

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Yes, during the ultrascan. At my gynae's clinic we are allowed to bring thumbdrive and the nurse will save up all the photos from the ultrascan for us

3y ago

Ohh. At NUH clinic issit or private clinic?

they will do ultrasound scan at every visit and print a snapshot for you.. should be all gynae does that

It depends on the gyn you are with. Prof su for example gives you ultrasound scan every session

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Yes through ultrasound scan and heartbeat and baby growth will be monitored as well. :)

Subsidize patient, and will be able to see baby at every visit at nuh :)

For subsidize patient only hear heartbeat for every check up

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hear heart beat and see ultrasound.

Yes. Scan and hear heartbeat. :)

Yes. scan and photo given