I brought my pump to work. forgotten to bring enough storage containers to pump my milk. after the 1st pump, I pout into storage bag. then can I freeze the container after use (without wash?) for 2nd pump?

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Hi! It is ok to add freshly expressed breast milk to the frozen milk that you have expressed earlier (if it is within the same day). Let the freshly expressed milk cool thoroughly in the refrigerator first before adding it to the container with the refrigerated/frozen milk. The main point is not to add warm breast milk to previously frozen breast milk as it will cause the frozen milk to partially thaw. For more information: http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/infant-and-toddler-health/in-depth/breast-milk-storage/art-20046350

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7y ago

but I need to pump into container before pouring into storage bag. I don't have extra container now. so wondering if I can freeze the previous use to use it for later session?

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Super Mum

Yes. After my 1st pump at work, I’ll store my flanges & bottles in a ziplock bag (without washing) & keep it cool in the fridge for the 2nd pump in the afternoon. To wash it after every pump at work is quite a hassle, so that would be the best option to me, as I wouldnt want to carry too many spare parts to office daily.. :)

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