Hi, I bought this tub of Greek Yoghurt to make banana smoothie for my children. Shall I keep it lower part of refrigerator after open? How long can I keep it? How can I tell whether the yoghurt already spoiled? Any brand of yoghurt that you can recommend me? TIA

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I usually keep my yogurts on the same shelf as my jams and breakfast spreads. Reckon, it doesn't really matter where you keep the yogurt, as long as it's kept refrigerated at the recommended temperature (see package), it will be okay. For dairy products, especially if kids are involved, I'd try to keep as close as possible to the expiry date. A day or two after the stated expiry date should be okay so long as there is no smell and there isn't any weird fuzz or film covering the top of the yogurt. I'd throw it out as soon as I see some weird spots or there is any odd smell. Nestle has a great line of greek yogurt that comes in individual packs if you're worried about opening and wasting too many at one go.

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Best in retain the quality 2 - 3 days after being opened, but yoghurt can keep up to 1 week. By looking at the colours & smell change of the yoghurt already spoils. perhaps you can buy small tub Yoplait baby yoghurt for your children.

The yogurt has expired - please refer to the BEST BEFORE: (date) as reference as to when to dispose of the yogurt. This brand of yogurt is great and is one I personally use. Chobani is also a good brand to try!

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Yes, pls put in the lower part of the refrigerator. Usually will try to consume within 3-5 days. The maximum I stretched is 7 days. To me, am not particular on the brands. So ok.

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Ya. Already expired. I only noticed when I took the picture of it. lol

Hi, Please try to consume this in 2 to 3 days after it is open