Please bless me and my baby.

I am bleeding and I am at risk of miscarriage. But I had so many dreams about this baby. Mums,,, Pls,,, Pls... bless my baby.

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Praying for both of you. I have miscarriages before, i can understand the anxieties. Seek medical help as needed.

Sending you and baby lots of love and light!! Keeping you both in my prayers!! Hugs mama!

Sending my prayers and hoping for a miracle to you and your baby. Have faith. Hugs!

praying for you and baby, may everything goes well for you!❤️

how much are you bleeding dear? praying you get through this

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Prayers for you and your baby. May both be well 🙏🏻

Sending hugs mama. 🤍 It must not be easy for you.

Praying for you! Seek medical help asap if required.

praying for you and baby.. pls see doctor asap

Praying for you! Hope baby will be fine. Hugs!