Bleeding during Pregnancy

Hi mummy! Have you experienced bleeding like menstrual period during pregnancy? Ive do PT twice last week and it shows positive and now I’m bleeding like menstrual period. I haven’t seen any doctor. Any advice?

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You should see a gynae and not depend on the home PT. home PT shows positive when it’s a high level of hCG hormones which is a sign of pregnancy, but a proper scan will show the position of the baby/embryo and viability of the pregnancy. If you are bleeding, you definitely have to see a doctor asap. Either go to your existing gynae if you have one or head to KKH Urgent O&G because they have gynaes on standby round the clock to attend to urgent pregnancy cases.

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How many weeks are you pregnant? You should definitely see a gynae to check on the growth of your baby

Better to see doctor to confirm if you’re really pregnant and whether can see baby during ultrasound

quickly see doctor.. O&G.. see what the doctor says

Better to see a gynae asap for confirmation