I am 26 weeks pregnant and I am having some kinda brown discharge. I spoke to the doctor he said that it is just some old blood. Today I again got some discharge which seemed like blood. Is this normal ?

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yes is normal .. don't worry about that

2y ago

but still u need meet ur doctor soon for more safety

Discharge mesti bersebab. Better check it again. For our safety.

same with me... spotting start from 19w.. now i am 26w+ ... still on off spotting... smetimes i hve fresh blood , smetimes juz brown like old blood...

2y ago

Yes absolutely! 😁

Same with me ..when im on my 26 weeks i had brown discharge..this happen to me 3x..the 2nd time i was hospitalized and diagnosed low lying placenta..the third time i had heavy brown discharge for 1 week even if im taking isoxillan..i was in the hospital for 5days bcos im having uterine contractions also....doctor told me to have complete bed rest,pray and no stress..im on strict bed rest for 1mos and now on my 33 weeks and my placenta now are high lying..

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1y ago

I am 16 +1 and i have placenta previa( partial ) and it scared me out of my wits ! I am still working and very hesitant to leave my job . I still cant imagine how frightened i will be if i have any discharge. I am just very stressed and trying my best to keep calm about everything

Were you using any pills before you could fall pregnant? It could be because you didn't clean your womb before so the old dirty blood wants to come out

No go c a doctor love

When I was in 2nd trimester had light brown discharge. Only 1-2 times.


It may be related with your placenta position.if the placenta is too low lying: then ,you may get this kind of discharge..if it is just spotting no need to worry too much but consult your doctor asap.

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consult with different doc. some doc might have different diagnosis. dont just stick with one doc. especially the one who said its just some old blood. better check asap