Headaches in 2nd Tri

I am already 13 weeks plus. Ever since I enter ed 2nd trimester, headaches have become a daily thing. Is it normal? My gynae said its okay to consume the normal panadol but I'm trying my best not to take it on a daily basis. Headache is my worst enemy!

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me too , 13 weeks Nagsusuka at mahiLuhin , di ko kaya tumayo ng matagal dahiL mahiLohin ako, Like nung after check up ko nagpunta kami sa Isang Store dahiL may biniLi syang importanteng bagay duon and then nawiwi sya kaya sabi nya ako na daw pumiLa para magbayad sa Item na kinuha nya, wala pang 5 minutes bigLa akong nahiLo at nararamdaman kong Lumalabo na ung paningin ko Kaya ang ginawa ko napaupo ako bigla and then kinalma ko.sariLi ko , then hanggang nakarating ako sa mismong casher para magbayad patayo upo tayo upo ako ksi pag piniLit kong tumayo baka Mahimatay na Lng ako bigla.Then hanggang nakalabas na ako tlgang umupo ako sa Gater ng Kalsada habang hinihintay ung hubby ko.Ganun ung Nangyare sakin Last tym.

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Headache during pregnancy is normal, and quite common, and is usually because of hormonal changes and other factors like stress and tension, lack of sleep, dehydration, sinus congestion or allergies. Here is what may help: - Spend a few minutes lying in a dark, quiet room. - Put an ice pack or cold compress on the back of your neck for 20 minutes while you relax. - For sinus headaches, try steam inhalation to relieve congestion and using a humidifier to add moisture to the air. - Take a warm shower - Avoid foods that trigger migraine like chocolate, cheese, tomatoes etc - Drink at least eight glasses of fluid a day to avoid dehydration

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I also have very frequent (almost daily) headaches, gynae said ok to take Panadol (but only the most basic kind) but I’m also trying to only take when I cannot bear the pain. I’ve been using heat compresses (I use the Daiso heat packs that you usually use to warm up your hands in winter countries) on my neck / temples (depending on where the source of pain and tension is). Sometimes they do work to relieve the headache, but even if they don’t, at least when the heat is applied to the area it feels better for a while, which is better than nothing at all. Doing simple neck and shoulder stretches, as well as a bit of swimming (even floating in the pool) also helped.

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Yes, headaches during pregnancy is common, and the good part is they usually improve or stop completely during the last 6 months. In rare cases though, headaches can be a symptom of pre-eclampsia. Call your doctor if you have: - a severe headache - problems with vision, such as blurring or seeing flashing lights - pain just below your ribs - vomiting - a sudden increase in swelling of your face, hands, feet or ankles Any of these could be signs of pre-eclampsia and will need to be checked.

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Ya, normal to get headache. You should feel better in the later weeks though. It's safe to have paracetamol, but please don't make it a habit. Also, avoid taking ibuprofen. Try: - drinking plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration - get enough sleep - rest and relax - put a warm facecloth on your eye and nose area, if it is a sinus headache - neck and shoulder massage

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if 13 weeks na, nausea and vomitting will decrease na nababasa ko sa mga articles and also based on my experience. You'll be more likely to be yourself again. 13weeks pregnant na rin ako and di tulad dati madalas ako mahilo, magsuka at walang gana kumain. kapag sumasakit pa madalas ang puson try to ask your OB din. kasi saken may binigay na gamot.

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2y ago

im on my 13 weeks to. praise god seldom headache, but still feels a lot of bubbles in my tummy n keep spiting saliva non stop. hope it will be easy soon.

I almost 13 weeks. I feel you and it's normal. Better to get more sleep and be hydrated. I do not choose any paracetamol/panadol. I get my self more relax time and sleep, instead. Or you can try to massage your back neck softly.

same here. 13weeks. just got headaches suddenly two days in a row. a bit worried. gynae appt in 2 weeks. not sure if I should call to ask if it's normal. didn't know it was a common symptom. dizziness when standing up too fast too.

Dahil daw po by 2nd tri increased ang blood flow so palpitations and headaches are most likely to occur. Pero anything na feel mo na abnormal na talaga like vision changes, mas maiging magpacheck na po. :)

Same here po nagstart lang kanina ang 2nd trimester parang ang bigat ng ulo ko. Hindi ko alam kung sa ininom ko po bang generic na folic acid. Normal po ba talaga ngayon to ang pagkakaroon ng headaches?