Throbbing headaches

I am at my 12 weeks now.. been having headaches almost every single day since i stepped into ny 11th weeks.. it is the throbbing kind, i try not to take panadols but it is messing with my daily routine.. is this even normal?#advicepls

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I had migraine before I conceived and it got worse when I was pregnant especially during 1st trimester. I took normal paracetamol. alternatively is to try and pin point the cause of your headache and eliminate/reduce them from your life. i didn't function normally at all till aft 1st trimester. sleeping up to 14hrs or more daily without taking medicine

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if it's a relief to you, I was on stronger pain killer den Panadol on doctor's advice. and my gal turn out perfectly healthy and full term at 39+5. so best to seek doctor advice

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Hi mama, Having headaches is normal for some mamas - May I ask why you don’t want to take the panadols? Is it because you are worried it may affect baby? If so, I’d say to take the regular panadols in recommended doses as it is pregnancy safe. Otherwise, ask your doctor for some medication to help with the headaches.

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More water intake, sips thru out the day, try to use essential oils that helps ease headache if u r not bent on panadol. But of cos call up and get gynae advise first. I hope u r gettin enuff rest too. Feel better soon

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yes it is normal. i try not to take too if possible unless i really cant take it.

I apply medicated oil instead. Heard it’s because lack of water intake.

Try to take more water. I had that recently and water solved it.

try 100plus ☺️