Formula Serving Amount

i am abit puzzled. the formula that i am feeding my LO indicates to add 1 scope per 30ml. i want to feed my LO 150ml but after adding in the powder, it became 170ml. in this case, may i know if she is drinking 170ml or 150ml?

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Super Mum

In this case she will be drinking 170ml. Don’t get too hung up on the exact measurement of milk. Feed as much as baby wants. If she can’t finish, make a little less the next time. If she can finish, try giving a little more. It’s all trial and error. 😬

It’s still 150ml as the water rises up when you add milk powder. 5 scoops is for 150ml right? So it’s still 150ml. Baby is drinking 150ml of water and 5 scoops of milk powder.

Super Mum

do follow the instructions on the respective formula milk containers 👌

I’ll consider it as 150ML since the water added is 150ML.

150ml. You measure the water


I will take it as 150ml

ok thanks everyone