Spotting during 1st Trimester

I am a 1st time mum and I had some dark brown discharge (just a bit) at 10 weeks with mild cramping... is that normal or should I panic?

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It's normal unless it's very heavy and the color is red. I had mine during my 8th week. Lasted for 2 days. If you feel really uncomfortable, pls go and see the doctor, which I did too for assurance that all is well.

I too had same in 10th week which lasted for 6 days. Gynae said it's normal unless it gets heavy or red. Better to check once with ur doc

spotting is normal during 1st trimester, however do monitor the colour.. if turning pinkish or red, better go O&G kkh to check..

Spotting mayb due to old blood discharge but if there's cramping, best to see doc for reassurance