Is it normal for pregnant mum not to eat so much during her first trimester?

I am 10 weeks pregnant and I don’t eat so much as how other mums would, in fact my appetite lessen compared to when I am not pregnant. Is this normal? Will my appetite grew and my pregnancy develop further?

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me too. was a foodie before, but since preg i ate so little like 1 or max 2 piece of bread and thats it, done for the day. i made sure i ate something small atleast (cos need to eat folic acid in morning) though by right need to always munch smth in smaller portion, but frequent but my throat cant swallow down.. 😔 now in 11th wks, still hoping for good appetite to be back. always telling baby, whatever you want to eat just give mummy idea. money no issue, buffet also buffet so long you eat and grow well. talking to baby does helps to have the energy to have the appetite. (try to stay positive yeah..😊)

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3mo ago

I too talk to my baby and ask what he / she wants, even I couldn’t eat much as least i know what it is craving for 😅

dont worry mummy your appetite will hopefully get better in the 2nd trimester onwards. i lost 5kg during my 1st pregnancy, 1st trimester. but as my pregnancy progress my baby tend to be on the heavier side, came out 3.6kg although myself all in all didnt gain much weight also. just continue eating the folic acid and or vitamins that your gynae has given you. so long as baby is growing well dont need to worry. im currently on my 1st trimester and i cant even keep anything down. i eat biscuits, and snack throughout the day.

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3mo ago

in 12 weeks now, and excessive vomitting. went to gp they give me inject to help the nausea and MS. and says if goes on need go kkh on drip as worrying baby not getting any nutrients. i currently cant drink water not even in small amts. food intake biscuits but vomit still. nothing stays. not sure when is the right time to go kkh. not sure baby growing well or not. just now vomitting nonstop despite the injection..

currently on my 18th week and appetite still pretty bad.. still a struggle trying to eat everyday cos always worried baby not getting enough nutrients.. was a foodie too before preg so really looking forward to having my appetite back. now look at food that normally look nice also wont feel like eating it 🥲

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3mo ago

hi there! I'm on my 18th weeks too..but my appetite is good.. already gain 4kg. and my gynae ask me to control my weight 😅.. ur baby bump see already?

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It’s normal I think, I am week 10+ & I hv no appetite too. Will just take a bite or two off hubby’s meal.. But I make it a point to drink a cereal drink once a day to keep me full at least. Forced myself to munch of biscuits, fruits, yogurt. Everything in small but frequent feeds.

Same here, I lost 8kg in my 1st tri, currently in my 3rd tri and had only gained 3-4kg so far. However, baby is growing well and getting heavier each time I go back for scan. So it’s perfectly fine, just continue to take your folic acid or supplements when issued by your Gynae.

3mo ago

That’s good to hear your baby is growing strong and healthy. So I have not lost nor gain a lot as compared to my previous weight, but after a few appointments to check on the baby and scanning; he or she is doing okay 😊 I’m happy to know my baby is moving and active inside. Yes, will continue to take the folic acid and supplements given. 😊

it is very normal! when i was in my first trimester, i threw up everything i ate and my record was a bread for the whole day. it only got better when i reached 5 months, so i lost weight during that time. hope it will be better faster for you.

Hi mommies.. Im at my 7week now.. my appetite is damn bad now.. i have bad morning sickness i cant eat proper meal whatever i eat i will throw back.. even i eat sour things also doesn't help me either..

That happens, our hormones are affecting it too. I was feeling nauseous in my first trimester and could only take plain food in small bites. lost 1 kg.. Now 16 weeks and my appetite is back :)

yes, normal :) can be due to nausea, vomiting, or that you just don't have the appetite. happened to me and my apptite went back during mid 2nd trimester (and gained weight too!). take care!

yes i hardly had none. even water i want vomit. just manage to eat oat cookies thats all