For FTM, is it better to have confinement nanny just to teach us how to take care of baby?

Husband will be assisting with meals and chores. We don't intend to get CF but just worried if there will be moments we are lost on how to take care of certain's babys needs which we are unaware of.

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My own experience. I engaged CA. But the nanny is good in cooking but she didn’t provide me breakfast only cook 2 meal. End up my husband and I were too angry that nanny didn’t take care well my newborn and lack of knowledge, she didn’t clean my baby side ear, gum gum and don’t know how to swaddle. Kept hard sale product only. If ur husband willing to serve I think u can do ur own. Only need to shower baby and do house chore. If u breastfeeding baby will be with u all time. U Can learn shower baby feeding baby in YouTube. By more bonding slowly u will know what baby need and recognise baby cry. All the best

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