can we eat food cooked in cooking wine?

My husband added cooking wine in our chicken. It smelled and tasted strong. is it safe for pregnant women?

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better to avoid tho.

Better avoid. Even when drinking, rice wine is so much stronger than many other alcohol. To be safe just avoid during your pregnancy.

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Yws but it has to cook long enough and let alcohol evaporate. Btw if those dishes with wine is very bu.

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Better avoid to be safe

It takes a long time to evaporate the alcohol fully via cooking. Next time, preferably avoid using alcohol in cooking/marinating. If you have already taken a bit of alcohol, know that a tiny bit once in a while wouldn't cause way too much harm but do avoid in future. Alcohol does affect baby and even kids growth.

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My wife avoided throughout her pregnancies.

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I avoided that throughout my pregnancy.. in case some remnant alcohol was in the food