How to transition from 6-12 to 1-3 formula milk? My LO doesnt like the taste of his new formula.

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Hi, Nikki! Which formula are you giving him? You could try switching brands and letting your son try different ones. I started my daughter on Nan Pro 2, and then switched to Nido kasi ang mahal ng Nan Pro. Haha. When I made the switch, my kid didn't experience any side effects naman, like constipation - because I heard nakaka-constipate daw ang Nido, but my daughter, and even my second one, don't have a problem with Nido.

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That's so strange! I think you're going to have to mix the old formula with the new one, and then gradually increase the ratio of the new one hanggang sa masanay na sa taste at hindi na niya namamalayan na iba na pala yung milk niya. Do the transition slowly and gradually. Let me know if that works! :)

What my mom did with my siblings before, she combines the existing formula milk with the new one para hindi daw manibago sa lasa ung baby. It worked for my 2 sisters. I just don't know if it will work for the other babies.