How should I care for my newborn’s umbilical cord? How should I clean it? And when will it fall off?

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Our paediatrician's instructions were to make sure it wouldn't get wet, just swab around it with a cotton bud soaked in alcohol (the alcohol should not have moisturiser), and just wait for the scab to come off naturally. This happened for us within the first month.

Before I was discharged from the hospital, the nurses gave a brief lesson on cleaning the cord. Use warm boiled/filtered water + cotton ball and gently wipe around the area. Strictly no need to use soap. It will naturally fall out on its own.

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I just wiped the area around the cord with cool boiled water and a cloth. I didn't use alcohol or cord spirit. My daughter's cord fell off on her 4th day.

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The nurses at KKH told me to cotton swab with luke warm water during shower. My daughter's umbilical cord fell off within 3 weeks.