How do you plan your meals when you have really picky eaters? Any Filipino dishes that kids will love across the board?

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Try to be innovative we can make simple dish turn into really good one . Try to observe first what they love most of the time and from that you can you can start . Like me my kids love chicken so much so i keep on thinking how to improve it like i made a dish called chicken wrap. Ingredients : 1 cup Cooked Rice 100 grams Boiled chicken strips 100 grams sliced ripe avocado Seaweed wrapper Procedure : Get a seaweed wrapper then put 3 tablespoon of cooked rice after that put the boiled chicken strips and the slide ripe avocados then wrap it with the seaweed wrapper after cover it with a cling wrap and lock then slice it horizontally. Thats just so simple yet delicious and appealing to there eyes . Hope it helps!

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I think tomato sauced based dishes will be highly appreciated by pinoy kids. Chicken Afritada for example. It has nice contrast of colors because of the tomato suace it self, plus the green bell peppers, green peas and potatoes. Of course add some hotdogs in it to be more appetizing to kids.