How do you plan your meals when you have really picky eaters? Any Filipino dishes that kids will love across the board?

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Try to be innovative we can make simple dish turn into really good one . Try to observe first what they love most of the time and from that you can you can start . Like me my kids love chicken so much so i keep on thinking how to improve it like i made a dish called chicken wrap. Ingredients : 1 cup Cooked Rice 100 grams Boiled chicken strips 100 grams sliced ripe avocado Seaweed wrapper Procedure : Get a seaweed wrapper then put 3 tablespoon of cooked rice after that put the boiled chicken strips and the slide ripe avocados then wrap it with the seaweed wrapper after cover it with a cling wrap and lock then slice it horizontally. Thats just so simple yet delicious and appealing to there eyes . Hope it helps!

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