How often do you go out to see your friends?
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Every week
Every month
Every 6 months
Every year

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I try to see them every month, ladies night out with the mommy friends its keeps me sane na hindi lang pala ako nakakaexperience ng mga nararanasan ko as a mom right now

pd po mgtnong..ano po kya mgndang vitamins for my baby? breastfeeding po aco.. pero payat ang baby co.. 5months npo xa.. salamat po.. godbless. 😇

Almost all of my friends have migrated, I spend all of my time with my family and myself.

once every 3-4 months. pero nung lumabas si baby wala pa talagang oras para lumabas

Depending on our schedules we always make time for close friends and family

Mostly once a month but it also depends on when all of us are free to meet.

We see each other whether any of our children celebrates a birthday.

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Depends on the availability of all, mostly we get connected online

A quick lunch or dinner with friends will really do.

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Well if there is special occasion or once in awhile.