Were you fashionable when you were pregnant?

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Currently pregnant and I can say that I'm trying as much as I can. Basically because I am aware that I do feel like I'm getting uglier as days pass by (hormones, I know). I've bought some comfortable maxi dresses and some similar to the photo above (still trying to look as if I have a good figure haha). But all I can say is being in this situation, comfortable is the new sexy! :)

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I would have loved to but I was just too lazy and preoccupied with the other child :-) Honestly, I think I looked like I've just gone out of the house in my jammies. hahaha.... I try to be more fashionable now with 2 kids in tow but I can't wear nice dresses coz I'm breastfeeding and nursing dresses and shirts are expensive!!! So yeah, back to jammies again :-) hahaha...

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Not for me. I reused whatever I wear when I'm nursing my #1. Those maternity cum nursing wear. Basically I have the same designs of nursing wear of all the different colours! I'm particularly afraid of feeling hot during my pregnancy. So the cooler the better. Feeling comfortable is more important to me than fashion.

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I tried to!! Bought a few dresses that can be wore even after giving birth! Also all my pre-preggy plus sizes clothes still fits. Just take off the belts! Must still look good even when preggy, or rather especially when preggy!! When mummy is Super moody and temperamental! Looks good = feels good!

I was working full time when I was pregnant, and even though I wanted to go in my pyjamas, I still had to dress up. And till my fifth month, I dressed quite fashionable. After that when I started feeling nauseating, lethargic for the most of my day, I started dressing whatever I laid my hands on.

I was when the bump started showing (and I no longer looked bloated) and I was excited to try maternity wear. I stopped being fashionable in the last part of the third trimester when I was bloated and just started wearing my husband's button-downs paired with leggings! LOL

hahaha i wish but my husband make me fashionable...he bought maternity dresses dat suited m saying dat so dat our princess will look beautiful n i will b more confident n enjoy during my pregnant....pampering m so much.

I wasn't keeping well throughout my pregnancy but yes, whatever time I was moving around, I moved out really fashionably. I used to wear short and long dresses most of the times.

I just dress in clothes that are comfortable than to being fashionable. The last thing on my mind is to feel uncomfortable and sick throughout the day just to look nice.