How many oz of milk can your babies drink per day? My 2 year old daughter can drink 8-10 x 9oz milk in a day considering she's also eating rice. I'm wondering if it's too much.

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AS long as the child is not obese or having tummy troubles I think that's fine. I can see that in the packaging it says that a 1-3y/o should only be consuming 1-3 glasses a day x 9 oz. But when baby turned 1y/o and up until today she consumes 6-8 a day and has no issues. She also eats other meals. Just make sure you get her into activites that will help in her digestion too like physical activities.

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what i found is that it really varies depending on how active the child is, and on their metabolism in general. as long as your child doesn't feel sick from overeating, or she's not getting too fat, then she should be fine. :) kids tend to know their limits with food. sweets are a different matter though. haha

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