How many dirty diapers should my baby have each day?

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5-7 times.. My baby lot pee after got milk

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Whew my baby changes like a lot in a day. Of course, I also change when she peed in it cuz she'd be uncomfortable :/

At least 6

4 or 5

Me its 4 diapers

I agree with Jamie. 4 to 6 wet diapers a day will be okay. The number of poop diapers however may vary from vary to vary, mine poops once a day and sometimes every alternate days. Just ensure that poop looks fine, not hard and dry or pale white.

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About 4 to 6 wet nappies per day and regular bowel movements is a good sign that your baby is eating well. However, as your baby grows older, you will find that the frequency of his bowel movements changes as well. Sometimes he can poop twice a day and at other times, he can even go up to a week without pooping. As long as your baby can produce wet nappies, you don't need to be overly worried.

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This guide should help

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