im now 29 weeks of pregnancy

How many coconuts can I have a day? Can I eat the fresh of the coconut instead just the water?

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I'm not sure if there is an old wives tale about coconut water but studies haven’t linked coconut water to causing (or easing) labor. In fact, it is a natural isotonic beverage and one of the richest sources of electrolytes. I have it multiple times a week as my go-to refreshing drink when it's hot. Did it during my first pregnancy and doing it now for my 2nd too. Replacing my usual pokka green tea :)

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1y ago

True and there's also no scientific explanation that baby will come out clean. The vernix is there for a reason. To protect baby from the amniotic fluid so not sure why some parents are 'proud' that their baby comes out clean and it's got nothing to do with coconut water.

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29 weeks abit early to start coconut. Was always adviced to drink the last month b4 give birth. Usually 34 weeks, one coconut per week.

3y ago

Omg I drinking it now.


only start when you're in 3rd trimester onwards. 1 weekly fresh green coconut only the water but not the flesh.

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Eat the coconut flesh together with the water. If not, it will be heaty just eating the flesh alone.

I don’t take it frequently. My doctor told me is ok to take 1 occasionally. No worries

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I only take coconut on a daily basis when I'm week 37 😅

don't take Thai coconut its not good..

try to avoid