how long can your LO sleeps in the day? what will you normally do when you fail to coax LO to sleep? i find that i got nothing much to do with LO as most of the time he is sleeping, not sure is it because im always making him to sleep and nv try to keep him awake. Is it alright if LO keeps sleeping everytime?

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Hi! I've read that newborns tend to sleep a lot. Their sleep is still immature and driven by the basic needs. It is coming for newborns to sleep from 14 to 18 hours a day. During this stage, as long as the baby is still waking up for feedings, you shouldn’t be too concerned. Past the newborn stage, a baby will likely be sleeping for 13-15 hours a day. For now, I think you can use the time to rest more because as your baby develops, it may be more difficult for you to find time to rest...

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6y ago

how many mths is still considered as newborn stage?

it depends on individual babies... but when they grow older, they tends to sleep lesser.. like now my lo is 14mths plus, his nap time is about 2 to 4 hrs.. depends how tired he is.

usually i trick my baby by pretending to sleep with him..once he totally sleep then i slowly wake up and do my chores.

6y ago

actually im not worrying abt LO not sleeping, but thinking more about LO sleeps more then having activities