Advantages and Disadvantages of Formula Milk

How long should I feed my toddler with formula milk? There are formula milk available even till 6 years. What are the pros and cons of using formula till 5 or 6?

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Most of my friends starting introducing milk or formula when their children are around one. Most of their children stop formula by 2, only a couple of them with children older than 2 are still on formula. I think there is no major issue since formula provide good nutrition for the children. One concern for continuing till the child is older (such as beyond 3 years old) could be cost. Another is likely whether one could wean the child from bottle if he/she is still having formula. Most of my friends do not think that there will be any health concerns as long as the child is still eating well. For example, my friend whose 2.5 years old daughter is still given formula simply because her daughter prefers the taste (over milk). Still, she gives her daughter both milk and formula (in a cup), in moderate amounts. One last concern would probably be the negative comments from others. Friends and relatives may give their opinion as it is uncommon for older children to still be having formula, so one has to be prepared for that too.

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Milk in general gives calcium. So one of the pros I believe for Kids who are still drinking formula milk is giving them high calcium and stronger bones that they need as they are all proactive in sports and other physical activities. On the other hand, two of the cons that I can think of is the taste of formula milk as we all know it tastes differently compared to fresh milk. And the other one is more of social impact. One's kid might be teased by his or her playmates for drinking formula milk. We all know that kids of that age always want to be branded as "big boys" and "big girls" and for them, formula milk is just for babies.

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I gave my daughter formula Milk till she was one and than gradually changed her to normal tetra packed milk that we consume at home.My mom tells me when i was a baby she use to feed me normal cow's milk and ive grown up all even i want my daughter to grow up consuming normal home products.

My 2 kids have been on Friso Formula since day 1. My eldest is 12 years old now , she's still taking Friso stage 4. She prefer the taste of formula than fresh milk. I see that formula contains higher calcium than fresh milk , so I wouldn't stop her from having Formula.

I won't stop my kid to drink milk as long as he willing to continue. Currently my 2 yr old still taking friso 3 so i was hoping he could continues as formula contain higher calcium than fresh milk.

i still give my both kids formula milk.even my youngest is 7 this year. as long they both want and like it . im ok . they drink from cup.

After 1 can switch to fresh milk but if they prefer formula , so be it

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I Plan to stop at around 4