How long did you mummies breastfeed your baby? What food or drinks to avoid?

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Super Mum

Planning for one year at the moment, but I think it’s really up to you and depending on your circumstances:) I don’t avoid any food, but I don’t take alcohol. I also try to stay healthy because antihistamines (medicine for colds/allergies) really affects my supply.


15 months still counting. I didn't take any caffeine drinks not even milk tea. Food to avoid mint stuff will decrease milk, cabbage is for some people for yes milk supply drop. Chives will decrease milk too. Chocolate and almond my baby will diarrhoea if i ate them.

3y ago

Thanks alot mummy!

Super Mum

10 months and counting. Only avoided alcohols. You may want to find out your milk killer too because it's different for every mummy - cabbage is an example but I'm ok with it.


Coming to 10 months now