How do I toilet train my lo at night without wearing diapers?

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I have 2 toddlers, a gal and a boy. My gal has been diaper free since 3 yo while my boy will be starting his training soon. For my gal, I put those super absorbent mat on her bed. I readjusted her milk time to 815pm, and allowed at least 30 mins for her to pee in the toilet bowl first before changing her PJ. She would sleep at 9pm. Initially, I would wake up every 1.5hrs to carry her to the toilet. She continued to sleep after that. (Important note: do it during sch hols or no sch or work the next day). Routine continued for the next 5 days and she didnt wet herself. Of coz, there are times, she peed out but no big deal. For my boy, he is only 2.5 yo but we decided to train him soon as boys might take a slightly longer time. Gals can sit on the toilet seat but boys need to stand. It is v tiring for the parents but in the longer time, can save alot of money on diapers.

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