How do I stop my toddler hitting, biting and fighting?

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Immediately call your kid's attention and never freak out or lose temper. Usually toddlers don't get a good grasp of how their actions affect other people or things so it's best to carefully explain by associating emotions. Like for example, if he/she kicks or hits someone, they will feel bad about it, and that's not a good thing at all. Don't forget to ask him/her to say sorry, albeit an insincere one. This may not be useful for now as they don't really understand that they can hurt other people, but by practicing this often when there's something wrong done, it can develop into a value that can mold your kid into a better adult.

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I think you should first look for signs that would indicate whether or not your child is an aggressive kid, or if he's simply just expressing his anger in a random outburst. THen yu can address the physical aspects of it. Check out this article and see if it can help you address the problem of hitting and biting!

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I agree with Mikaela, call them out but never lose your temper. Speak to them calmly and explain why this behavior is unacceptable. Try to teach them how seeing them hurt others hurts you. You might find this article helpful: