baby reflux

How do I manage baby's reflux? I feed him every 2 hourly with FM. He drinks abt 100mls. Burped well. But afta awhile he wants more. sometimes he vomits out the undigested feed.. breastmilk low supply..

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Hi my baby is also same age wif your baby. Now he is havibg 120ml every 3 to 4 hrs.. Reflux is normal as long as its not the enitre milk he is throwing up.we have the same experience so What me and my hubby did was after his feeding we burp him then we cuddle him for atleast 10 to 15mins to make sure he wont throw up and yes it does work for my baby. Maybe u can try.

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3y ago

No worries hope it will work for ur baby too.

Super Mum

How old and how heavy is he?

3y ago

I see.. actually for his age and weight, he might not need so much:) 150-200ml/kg. So at most about 8 feeds a day (every 3 hrs) Sometimes, if he’s crying or fussing, it’s probably not because he’s hungry. He may be scared or uncomfortable or tired (he should only stay awake for 45-60minutes during the day each time at this age). Overfeeding will likely cause him to vomit, even with burping. Hope this helps a bit:)