So depressed. Very bad nausea and weird taste 24/7 everyday.

How do I carry on like this. I've tried everything but the taste will come back right away. I'm tired. But I am grateful that I am pregnant. Vomit 4 times a day, at most 6 times a day. Can't stand some smells and yeah headche all day.

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Same here! Take any small bites/drink that u crave and does not make u feel nausea at the smell. I tried to stay a distance from the bathroom aft anyone showered coz cant stand the shower form smell 🤢 I had 1-2 pieces of meiji plain cracker when feel hungry, coz if too hungry will start to feel very nausea. Jiayou mommy!

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1y ago

oh dear. will try that. thank you!

Sorry to hear how bad the nausea is for you..mine was mild, and I tried to eat smaller but more meals spread through the day. Takes some getting used to. Fruits and drier food like chicken breasts work for me if you find it hard to eat..stay strong

Don't let yourself hungry. Once hungry u straight away will feel nausea. U might have the same issue as me (weird taste) from over vomit / reflux. Till now I still have the weird strange taste which I can't get rid of it despite trying everything! Sigh

1y ago

I always have tons of diff candy to try see which one can helps a little. U can spit out the excess saliva too.

Try to drink water, if not water with lemon inside. Read that it helps to relieve the nausea. The reason why you are getting nausea is because your body is lack of water. Try to see if you can take medicine to relieve nasusea from the doctor.

1y ago

ok will try to drink lotsof water. thank you!


Just happened to me today. Can’t keep any food/drink down at all, suddenly. Trying not to worry too and having Meiji cracker bags by my side. Later might get someone to get some sour plums for me. Jiayou, you’re not alone!

1y ago

thank you so much for your reply. i tried sour plums and crackers. didnt wrk for me unfortunately ☹️😭

Tried taking Sour plums. It wks for me. Hope it Helps U too!

1y ago

will definitely try that! thank you!