First Trimester Problem - Please Help

I need help. Emotional support help. I'm pregnant for 4-5 weeks(according to my period calculator tracker). This is my first baby. I was diagnosis with hyperthyroidism(grave disease) since 2015. Been following up well with my endocrinology at NUH, so far everything when good before I got pregnant. Now, I starting to feel depressed about this pregnancy. I got nausea all day. I cried many times during working hours and even at night to the point my anixety rises up. I begin to start blaming my husband for putting me in this position. I'm scared what if my baby will not born like a normal healthy baby. I know, I shouldn't be overthinking but mummies, I can't help it feeling this way. It's gotten so bad that I can't eat and even if I do, it will taste nothing. I can't sleep due to the pain of backpains and cramps. Mummies, tell me what should I do to ease a bit of pain on this journey? #pleasehelp #firstbaby #1stimemom #pregnancy

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Hi mummy! Congrats on having a baby soon. Pregnancy is tough especially at the beginning and I was also angry at my husband for causing all those symptoms i was carrying then. You may want to talk about this to your husband to share your pain. After sharing my pain, I felt better as he was aware of what i an going through and he was more understanding of my situation too. Like you, i was also overthinking about my child all the time, that was why i took the Down syndrome test in week 12 to get myself some assurance that everything will be ok. You may want to consider that too! The scan is not 100% accurate but it will tell you about any abnormalities that is visible throughout the scan :) Hang in there mummy, you got this! ❤️ things will get alot better in second trimester, wishing you all the best!

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Hey Mama, pregnancy can be stressful, uncomfortable and beautiful all at the same time. You may want to speak to a professional about how you’re feeling. Having support during this period is very important. If you need a listening ear, pls dm me on ig. Hang in there!