How do you handle baby fever after injection? My baby just get her injection for 1 mth and 2 mths together yesterday.She's hv jaundice until yesterday PL98. She still hvg fever. Any tips? Thank you parents ?

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kesian anak sis... masih jaundies??? semoga cepat sembuh dr jaundies...tips utk ilang jaudies sis pastikan dia berak Dan kecing byk setiap hari.. ok utk elakkan anak demam setiap kali injection.. based pengalaman Saya... saya akan tuam guna tuala panaa pd tempat injection... in Sha allah anak Saya x pernah demam bila Saya buat gini

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monitor her temperature. remove her cloth just wear thin blanket.. put cool fever baby. always wipe/wash her head and body. if cannot control and temperature not down go to klinik/hospital

For fever after vaccination, the doctor generally prescribes paracetamol (Crocin). You should ask your doctor. He will prescribe paracetamol for babies and tell you the correct dose.