How do you manage weight gain during pregnancy? what is the average weight during pregnancy?

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I read that usually, a normal pregnancy would mean gaining 11-13kg, which sounds a lot but it's actually an additional 300 calories of daily food intake. I've a friend who was slightly overweight and when she decided to have a baby, she lost all the extra weight in order to start her pregnancy on a healthy weight. She knew that if she kept at her old weight and got pregnant, there might be some health risks and weight gain. By starting her pregnancy on a healthy weight, she didn't put on too much pregnancy weight and her baby, in turn, is healthier too. Another friend had the worst cravings for random food that would change constantly. She'd indulge in them but only in moderation. This meant that her husband ended up eating all her leftovers and in the end, he was the one who put on the pregnancy weight hahaha!

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As Idza mentioned, average weight gain would be 11kg to 13kg but it also differs from woman to woman. Such as.. 1) The number of babies your carrying in you 2) The weight you were before; were you underweight, overweight or normal? 3) Diet during pregnancy 4) Water retention I had a friend who was skinny and underweight, and she gained over 24kg but her gynae said it was perfectly okay because it was all water retention on her. Her feet was so swollen that she cries if she walks to long. For me personally, I gained closed to 20kg mainly because I didn't watch my diet and fully regretting now because it's so much harder to lose the weight

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