How do we prepare our child for PSLE and avoid them taking unnecessary stress?

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Firstly, explain to your child that this exam won't define him (it really won't). Let him study at his own pace. If he needs additional help, get him/her a tutor. Monitor closely the progression. Also introducing sports/a hobby is a good distraction and break from their already hectic school lives. Listen to music together, swim, indulge in art & craft, cycle, take walks in the park... just get him to do other things than study all day. Hope this helps!

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My son took his PSLE this year. The way we approached this was to firstly, not leave revision to the last minute, work with his tutor on focussing on the weaker topics that scare him, and to indulge in days of relaxation and sports - they really need to keep their minds of this "scary" examination, and remember that at the end of the day, they just need to do their best.

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Good to know that you went for relaxation and sports. Also can you recommend me some tutors?