How do you deal with your 3-year old when they just won't listen to you when you try to discipline them? I try to talk to my little boy but he just cries and won't pay attention to what I'm saying. Then he repeats the bad behavior all over again. Help!

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Here is a useful article on how to discipline your child (at various ages): For toddlers, the article suggested: - explaining to your child about what he/she has done wrong - giving time out - removing your child from the situation - withholding privileges (favourite toy, television time etc) for his/her misbehavior and a couple more from my sister-in-law (who currently is handling my three-year old nephew): - gives plenty of praises for good behaviour - ignore whining or sulking behaviour (by not responding at all) I think you can try only talking to him after he has calmed down. Speaking to him while he is crying would not help as he is unable to pay attention to you. Patiently wait for him to stop crying (this will be tough!) and ask him whether he knows why you are upset over his behaviour. Explain to him if he doesn't know the reason, then ask him again to make sure he knows what you are saying. It will take time for him to learn and you will need a lot of patience. Hang in there!!

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5y ago

Thanks a lot! It's really very hard being patient but I will try and try again.

Hi there, Mommy Cindy! Just don't give up, mommy! You obviously have a strong-willed kid which isn't a bad thing. There are a lot of ways to discipline a strong-willed one. You can search it up on Google. You might think that they aren't listening but in fact they are. Just don't give up and don't compromise. You have to earn the respect of a strong-willed kid.

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