How do you celebrate Christmas when you are far away from your family?

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It happened to me for a couple of years when I was working in the BPO before. We spent Christmas at work then eat out after shift. There's also a Christmas countdown outside the building so I just watched the show with my officemates. Hindi pa uso video call that time kaya nakaka homesick.

This is terrible, though it has happened only once. I remember, being on the FaceTime all that while in the evening. After a point everyone gave up on me, and left the laptop on, for me to see everything but no one was any longer attending to me. ;)

Thankfully, it has not happened as yet. But I think I would be on a video call with my family like after every few hours if this happens ever.

I think a live video call will ease the feeling of home sickness and loneliness. Thanks for skype, viber and fb messenger.

Just like how we celebrate it with the family, only this time we have a laptop setup for video call.

Video call is the only way to celebrate Christmas with your love ones who are based abroad.

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Videocall lang po