How can I calm a baby with colic pain?

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Babies with colic usually have lots of gas due to poor burping, trapping gas during feeding and intestinal gas. Aside from giving your child colic drops (I'd mix it into his feed), you can try a few things to help gas his in tummy. Burp your child in between feeds to reduce gas. Or do bicycle kicks with him before easing into a massage. Here's a link on how to do a massage: Alternatively, you can try changing his bottles into anti-colic ones. Lots of my mummy friends swear by the brand Tommy Tippee, and claims to have help (even just a little bit) with their constant crying.

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Feeding too fast can lead to a build up of gas. So do slower more frequent feedings. As a rule of thumb feed ur bub twice as often and half as much. A babies tummy is about the size of her fist.

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