Budget Tips ?

How can you budget Five thousand pesos in a month ? If you have a kid and having his 2nd birthday next month. *Diapers,wipes, Milk, snacks and many more *Bills (electricity, water ) *Cleaning needs (detergent powder, dishwashing liquid) *Personal hygiene ( shampoo, sanitary pads, tooth How can I budget that worth having a kid and I cannot work because I am taking care of my kid and my lola who cannot take care of herself? Im so stressed out I don't know what to do? #advicepls #pleasehelp #budget

Budget Tips ?
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Super Mum

check if your LO is ready to be potty trained or ready to use undies during the day shift to reusables, mostly we are home, so instead of wipes, why not use washcloth/ bimpo, sanitary pads can be replaced with menstrual cup or washable pads milk check if you can switch to a more economical brand without sacrificing the nutritional content.

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