Hi, what's your recommendation for bottles sterilizers, milk bottles and stroller for newborn babies?

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UV Sterilizer - Ecomom Bottles - Dr. Brown Stroller - Aprica/Looping

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Bottles and sterilizer - Avent Stroller - Easywalker


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For sterilizer, sulit talaga yung UVi Buddy sakin kasi may dryer narin and nagagamit din sa mga phones, remote at mga face masks

I boil my bottles Tommee Tippee is what I use just because it’s familiar We bought Steelcraft as it’s got the capsule switch

Sterilizer: haenim uv sterilizer Milk bottles: Philip avent natural

Bottle Sterilizer: I have been using Pigeon Rapid Steam Sterilizer for 6 years and it is still working perfectly. I like the fact that it has a big space for me to put many bottles at one go. However, if my budget allow, I will invest in UV Sterilizer which is even faster, more hygiene, and big compartment to place bottles. Milk Bottles: I used to give Playtex (Anti-colic) bottles to my no.1 and no.2. However, it has been discontinued and the closest brand will be Dr. Brown (Anti-colic). For baby no.3, I chose First Years Breastflow Bottles after reading up it will reduce nipple confusion and easier switching between nipple and bottle feeding. This is because I intend to return to workforce after baby turns 3-4 months old, and unlike previous 2 babies where I did direct latching until they turn 2 years old. Thus, I feel breastflow bottle suits my situation better. Stroller: I would like to recommend Babyzen Yoyo stroller too! It is easy to use and when I take taxi I can just place in front of my legs and do not need to open the car boot. It is very lightweight and easy to push too! No regret investing this stroller for my kids.

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Pigeon for sure!

I use the old school method - Boiling. Milk bottles - Used to be Pigeon, now dr brown. Stroller - Mini Easywalker.

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