Hi. My 3 month old daughter poo every 2 or 3 days once. She is currently on FM. May i also know if green poo is normal. Please advice. Thank you.

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There isn’t an exact guide as to what constitutes “normal” when it comes to baby’s bowel movement frequency. Typically, bowel movement frequencies may vary from more than five times a day to once every two to three days. The more important point would be that your baby’s stools are reasonably soft. Signs which indicate that medical advice should be sought include: - formular-fed baby has not had bowel movement for more than five days - stools are hard and pebbly (instead of soft) - stools are thin, watery or mucus like - stools are red or black or white

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currently my son is 6 months old , fully fm , 2-3 times poo poo per day poo is also green color, feeding on nan ha 2, doc say as long as baby is growing weight , should be normal

7y ago

Hi What FM you feed to your baby ? Very healthy that baby can poo everyday. Thanks!

Formula fed babies have green poo cause of fortified iron. Probably want to check whether too much formula is mix with the indicated water level.

it is norm that formula fed baby poo lest frequent as compared to breastfed baby. Formula-fed babies have yellow-green color poop is normal too.

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7y ago

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May I know which brand of FM you offering to your baby? I know Nestle NAN HA fed baby will have green poop.

7y ago

i m feeding her Friso Gold

it is normal for formula fed bb. some bb poop only once a week. my bb poops once every 3-4days.

4y ago

Up to now ganun pa rin baby mo? Mine is 1 month old and 1 whole day na syang hindi nag poop..ok lng ba yun? Kasi since birth ngyon lang sya wlang poop kaya worried ako 😟