Is it normal for 2 month olds to poo once every 2days?

My baby is currently 2month old (close to 3) and she has not been poo-ing every day recently Is that normal?

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Hi Mummy, it's normal. as months goes by, then their immune system also grows. then they will poo abt 1/2 times. meanwhile give him/her gripe water. it really helps with their bowels and also their system. indians give gripe water and it's also helps smooth them when teething process also it's safe Mummy:)

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3y ago

Thank you for sharing!

Yes normal! My 3.5 month old baby also now only poops every 2-4 days. As long as her poop is loose, brownish/yellowish or occasional green is ok.

3y ago

Hers was mostly green occasional yellow and definitely soft Which means i do not need to let the doc see her?