Hi my LO is 6th month now and just started solids. Before that she is purely breast milk. I started with plain rice cereal yesterday. 2pm breast milk (80-90ml) – 4pm plain rice cereal 1/3 bowl – refuse to drink milk until 9pm. I'm not sure is it correct way to feed solids. Any feeding ref for 6-7months? If she drink too little milk?

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As one poster mentioned here, start slow. One meal per day is good enough. At 6 months, solids are introduced for the purpose of letting your baby experience the texture, taste and feel of solids in their mouth and some parents call it "fun" and shouldn't replace bm or formula milk. You can choose whatever time that suits both of you to introduce the solid. Perhaps a tablespoon will do and if baby refuse to finish it's okay. Continue the giving bm as you normally do as this will still be his main source of nutrition. You might find this useful : http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/solidfood4to6montholdbaby.htm#!

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