Hi my LO is 6th month now and just started solids. Before that she is purely breast milk. I started with plain rice cereal yesterday. 2pm breast milk (80-90ml) – 4pm plain rice cereal 1/3 bowl – refuse to drink milk until 9pm. I'm not sure is it correct way to feed solids. Any feeding ref for 6-7months? If she drink too little milk?

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I agree with the rest that breast milk should still be the main form of nutrients for now. So you can try just substituting one of the feedings as in introduction to solids. Gradually change over to solids as your baby shows more interest in solids to help ensure that she is getting enough nutrients for growth. One of my friends did that for her baby. She started solids when her baby was around 6 months old as well. Replaced his evening feeding with solids so that he could still have the night feeding even if he did not eat much solid food. The process was slow as her son did not seemed interested in the food but with time, she managed to find some food he prefers and the type of texture he enjoys. She then gave him some small snacks in between and gradually increased the number of solid meals. Still, she will give him breast milk in the morning and at night and sometimes as a snack when he asks for it. Every baby is different, so you may need to react according to how your baby respond to solids. :)

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