Hi any recommendations for Math enrichment for my p2 gal? Kumon? Math Monkey? Mind Stretcher? Need a good recommendation/review. Thanks!

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Hi Sam, u nd to know what works for ur child? What areas u wish ur child to improve? What math problem is ur child facing? My daughter has been attending Math Monkey for the past few years. She likes it a lot, because is fun (mind u, some are quite thought provoking games) & each lesson she will hv something to share wz me. This is how a child relates what they are learning in class. Teacher is v professional, v engaging as well. Asking questions & allow my child to think of how to show a math problem in different ways. As what I would like my child to be "a thinker not just a doer". Get to find out more from each centre. More importantly, ask ur child what she likes. She will tell u. As I always tell my friends, when a child is motivated, the rest is history! Hv fun!....

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