Prenatals- when did your doctor recommended

hen did your doctor recommended to start taking prenatal vitamin tablets

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Folic acid, available from watsons or any pharmacy, is recommended to take even before pregnancy, when you're trying for a baby. This is very affordable at about $5 per sachet that can last for a month. At about 3months, gynae may prescribe other mutli-vitamin such as obimin that also contain folic acid, with other minerals such as iron etc. For high risk pregnancies, the gynae may also prescribe fish oil and calcium tablets. Some mothers also proactively consume fish oil, with the belief that it may help with the brain development and increase the IQ

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First trimester took folic acid. 2nd trimester onwards took fish oil and new obimin

I took folic acid and a prenatal vitamin from the moment I knew I was pregnant.

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After folic acid which is at week 12 onwards

From pretty much the beginning.

First trimester

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First trimester

U can take folic acid at the beginning. The doc will prescribe you other vitamins if required.