Help ! my baby is down with hfmd, suspect that she got it from hospital. Anyways, she's only 4 months old - any way to soothe her throat or make it not as painful ? She's on mixed feeding - mainly EBM now as its more watery for her to take ... Also if it's ok to feed her paracetamol even after fever is gone as she's not drinking without pain relieved ? TIA

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Oh dear.. your baby is so young and have to go through this.. Hope she gets better soon! Like what Jasmine mentioned, I think it is best not to give paracetamol after the fever has gone down. Try to offer more frequent feedings to encourage her to drink. Hopefully her blisters will heal soon and she could go back to nursing. Another thing to note would be that adults could also get infected. Especially since you are taking care of her, try as much as possible to avoid coming into contact with her blisters and maintain proper hygiene to minimize the chances of you getting infected as well. Take care!! Really hope she recovers soon!

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So sorry that you baby is suffering from HFMD at such a young age. I wouldn't give paracetamol if there's no fever. It is important to keep your child from becoming dehydrated, so even though it may hurt to swallow, she'll need plenty of fluids, especially if she's running a fever. For your baby at 4 months , that means breast milk or formula. If it's hard for your baby to swallow, try giving her smaller amounts to drink more frequently than usual. I hope your baby get well soon.

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She's feeling better now

Thanks mummies !