Hegen electric breast pump

Any hegen electric breast pump users here? Where do you usually store your BM? Storage bags or hegen bottles?

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I use both storage bags and bottles but would prefer to store in the bottle unless I really have to freeze the expressed milk. It’s better to feed baby with fresher milk and you don’t waste any milk cause you don’t need to transfer milk into another bottle to feed.

I’m haven’t bought the pump, only bottles. I think will prefer using bottle to bags cos bottles are more lasting. The bags may spoil faster and need replacement sooner

I just store in Hegen bottles in the freezer and move it to chiller to thaw Very convenient

Super Mum

Hegen bottles or transfer to avent bottles if kept in fridge. Storage bag if freezer

Hegan hottles. I brought the one with teat and covers $65 whole set.

Hegen bottles to store and freeze the milk


Hegen bottles