Waiting to POP

Heavy heavy is how Im feeling. 38weeks & 3 days... Waterbag still haven't break...although having frequent stomach cramps every few hrs in a day...baby is still active throughout. Waiting anxiously for my water to break ..been walking and doing afew exercises at home but nothing is helping....ayooooo baby faster come out,mummy waiting eagerly to hold you in my arms and also to feel abit lighter😂

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You don't need to wait for your waterbag to break cos not all pregnancies end up with a waterbag burst. Signs of labour are : Mucus plug/bloody show Intense contractions (between 5-10 mins) Then you can go to hospital already. Contractions pain differs from person to person but normally the pain comes from the back to your front and vagina. All the best & may you have a smooth delivery, Inshaa Allah!

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4mo ago

No problem! Just in case your waterbag breaks, just put a towel in your panties. Using pads won't help cos it'll be soaking wet (happened to me when I was admitted, had to frequently change the pads). I put a towel when my waterbag leaked but have to waddle 😂

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you can do it mummy! baby will come out soon~ my waterbag burst and it was my worse nightmare. it's like broken tap and you can't stop water from flowing

4mo ago

oh my ..I shall prepare myself with the maternity pads then..been Soo paranoid lately...